Age Certification

Nix Zero is committed to only selling its products to people of leagal smoking age. Please verify that you are of minimum legal smoking age.

Welcome to NIX

Nix Zero gives you the liberty to celebrate your unique individuality, conforming to no-one's standards but your own. By providing you with the option to satisfy your cravings through various settings, Nix allows you to call the shots, void of all scrutiny. We leave the marketing gimmicks, blinking lights, massive vapor clouds, and generic flavored nicotine liquids to other companies because we know our smokers want reliable satisfaction-not gimmicks. Designed and manufactured in the USA by a team of smokers, for smokers, Nix Zero grants you your freedom back.



    The cost of smoking conventional cigarettes and e-cigs goes well beyond the dent that it puts in your wallet. It can also negatively affect your social life and the places that you are able to smoke. Especially in today’s uncertain economy with the increasing cigarette taxes and restrictions, smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes has become even more repressive by public opinion. In terms of affordability, one Nix Zero cigarette can literally replace a whole pack of conventional cigarettes, saving you exponentially in the long run. Nix Zero offers you the ideal cigarette alternative by cutting your cost of smoking into a fraction of what you would normally pay, without taking away your freedom.


    Whenever You Want

    With traditional combustion based products such as traditional cigarettes, you are constrained to only a few public places to smoke and more likely than not, your smoking may negatively affect others around you. Unlike cigarettes or e-cigs, Nix Zero has a zero smoke, no odor, vapor-less technology,leaving you with many more options to smoke, and with far less of the negative consequences. Use Nixzero anywhere you can't use cigarettes, e-cigs, or other tobacco related products such as: hospitals, non-smokers’ homes, planes, cars, restaurants, public buildings,offices, movie theatres, your mother-in-laws, your grandma’s house, etc.


Nix Zero – Better than Cigarettes, in Every Way

Traditional smokers face a world of restrictions today, all with tremendous cause. Nix Zero, on the other hand, provides them with the complete smoking experience, and none of the societal blemishes. More and more people are happily ‘Nix-ing’ it, and loving it. Those who want to slowly phase out cigarettes, as well as those who want to smoke without the stigma and the repercussions: Nix Zero was created specifically with them in mind. With Nix, you can grab your nicotine fix anytime and anywhere you’d like.

Nix – The Product

You can’t smoke cigarettes in public places. You can’t smoke them except in tiny airless smoking rooms at restaurants and airports, if that. And when you walk out onto the street with a lit cigarette, you inflict your passive smoke on everyone around you, people, including children, who want no part of it. Nix saves you from all of that, with an odorless, vaporless, and smokeless cigarette which was developed after careful study into how the human body distributes and receives nicotine. Nix products do not require either a catalyst or any kind of combustion, but the patented technology still triggers the release of dopamine in the system, as nicotine does.

Nix – The Brand

The good people of Nix are from southern California, and believe in kicking back and having fun, but not at the expense of family. They’ve all had friends and family who were affected but tobacco products, and were shocked by the realization that smoking-related diseases cause one in five deaths in the United States. Nix Zero and other Nix products were designed with this in mind. They chose to find a product that reduces the death toll, family trauma, and that provide an alternative to smoking that doesn’t stint on the experience but doesn’t play games or gamble with human safety either.


Patented Smokeless Technology sets NIX apart from any other smoking alternatives.