About Us

Based in sunny southern California, Nix Zero embodies the local laid-back lifestyle while putting family first. We've all had friends and family that have been negatively affected by combustion based products. Although the facts about smoking are well-known, there are still over 40 million smokers in the US, and smoking-related illnesses are responsible for one in every five deaths in America [Source: CDC].

Our products have been designed with these terrifying statistic in mind. That means that our goal, since inception, has been to deliver a safer alternative to smoking, without jeopardizing the ideal of luxury.

We put the “Smoke” in “Smokeless”

Nix Zero was designed using a patented vapor less technology, researched by our team of professionals to ensure high quality and reliability. During development, we conducted studies on how nicotine is received and absorbed throughout the body. Similarly to e-cigs and cigarettes, the patented formula of Nix Zero triggers the release of dopamine prompted by nicotine, without using the catalyst or need of combustion.

Use Nix Zero
Without the Guilt

Traditional combustion based products restrict you to specific public places where you may smoke, and often, your habit may negatively affect the people around you. Unlike cigarettes or e-cigs, Nix Zero has a zero smoke, no odor, vapor less technology, which leaves you with more safe smoking environments to choose from, and far fewer negative consequences.

Use Nix Zero anywhere you can't use cigarettes, e-cigs or other tobacco related products, such as in: hospitals, non-smoker's homes, planes, cars, restaurants, public buildings, offices, movie theatres, your mother-in-law's or grandmother's house, and so on.

Cost of Smoking

The cost of smoking conventional cigarettes and e-cigs goes well beyond the dent that it puts in your wallet. It can also negatively affect your social life, and the places that you are able to smoke. Especially in today's uncertain economy, with the increasing cigarette taxes and restrictions, smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes has become even more repressed by the actions of voters.

Nix Zero offers the ideal alternative to cigarettes, not only because of its unique design and ease of use, but also because it can cut the cost of smoking to a fraction of what you would normally pay, without compromising your freedom.


Before using Nix zero, I’d been smoking for over 20 years. My wife who had been trying to get me to quit for since we’ve been together was recommended Nix zero from her co-worker. I was skeptical to say the least, but after using Nix zero for only a week, I was able to cut my habit. This isn’t like other e-cigs! It’s like you’re smoking but you’re not, and the taste tricks you. If you’ve tried to quit and have failed in the past, this is the one you’ve been looking for.

- Martinez , LA


Patented Smokeless Technology sets NIX apart from any other smoking alternatives.