How It Works

Nix Zeros innovative design was carefully crafted through skillful research in design and semblance, mimicking the common cigarette as an aesthetic example. Nix Zero's material is similar in look, weight, aroma and feel to your average cigarette, yet it provides users the comfort of a true smoking alternative, minus the smoke.

How does Nix Smoke-less
Technology work?

Nix Zero relinquishes the ideal alternative for smokers looking to reduce their regular intake of chemicals associated with traditional smoking methods.

The patented science and realistic design of the Nix Zero offer smokers a satisfying and uncomplicated experience.

Nix Zero’s patented formula is atomized onto the filter fabric for consistent vapor delivery.

As the smoker puffs, ambient air is drawn in, to mix with the formula vapors.

Nix Zero is a non-combustible, non-tobacco product that does not use batteries, cartridges, or dangerously high doses of nicotine.


Nix Zero introduces the first generation of vapor-less cigarette alternatives, constructed using one-of-a-kind technology. During the developmental stage, thorough studies were conducted in regards to how nicotine is received and distributed throughout the body.

Similarly to an average cigarette, electronic cigarette, or nicotine-rich tobacco product, the patented technology of Nix Zero served to stimulate the same dopamine receptors in the brain that provide satisfaction from the inhalation of cigarette smoke, or vapor.

However, the fact that no heat, flame, electronic mechanism or charging device is needed to use Nix Zero, makes it a unique concept.

Contrastingly to cigarettes, NixZero can be used anywhere, including airports, movie theaters, sporting events, work, and even your mother-in-law's living room! Never again will you be burdened with guilt or worry about looking over your shoulder frequently to ensure you're not offending anyone with your nothing to be ashamed about habit! So…where do you want to Nix?


Patented Smokeless Technology sets NIX apart from any other smoking alternatives.